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Over 200 gift card brands in one place
Bulk Order
We provide you with ways to send thousands of rewards with just few click
Personalize Brand
Customize logo, message and colors based on branding
Reports & Tracking
A report to track rewards arriving, including delivery and recipient behavior
Digital Wallet
Easily charge, manage and track your account through the digital wallet
Flexible Delivery
Delivery at any time through SMS, email and links
“Respect, recognition, and reward flow out of performance.“
- N. R. Narayana Murthy
For Researcher
To motivate target groups to participate in surveys
For Marketing 
To enhance customer loyalty and loyalty and the retain them
For Human Resource
To motivate employees and create a successful

For Sales Team
To increase sales through incentives and reward programs

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Over 200 gift card brands in one place

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Your Complete Guide to Employee Gift Programs

Your Complete Guide
to Employee Gift Programs

Establishing a positive work environment culture and achieving the company's goals
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كان الحل المثالي خلال فترة الحجر هو رسال،لقد تمكنا وبسهولة من خلال رسال تقديم الهدايا لموظفينا الرائعين للعمل المذهل الذي قاموا به.
رضا فريقنا هو جزء أساسي من قيمنا الجوهرية، جاءفي الوقت المناسب لمساعدتنا حيث قدم تجربة مبهجة لموظفينا من خلال مجموعة واسعة من الهدايا الذكية

To make positive & health workplace and maintain productivity

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