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Now you can reward your employees or customers noon E-Gift Vouchers through Resal platform within the fastest and easiest gifting experience.
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Get noon E-Gift Vouchers in Steps

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Fill out the contact form and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible

Determine The Budget
After determining the budget, a price quote will be sent to transfer the amount of the required gifts, and then we prepare the gifts to be sent

Receive Gifts
The e-commerce team will prepare a list of the required gifts and send them to you
within a maximum of two working days

What are noon E-Gift Vouchers ?
Digital codes that are exchanged for a balance in your wallet in your Noon account
What is the value of noon E-Gift Vouchers ?
Vouchers Value
20 SAR
30  SAR
50  SAR
100 SAR
200  SAR
300  SAR
400  SAR
500 SAR
How to use noon E-Gift Vouchers?
How to use:
1) Log in to the account or create an account on Noon
2) Click on the "My Account" tab, then click on "Noon Credit"
3) Click on "Use your Noon gift card"
4) Enter the code into the gift card box, then click "Use"

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