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Frequent Questions

1) What’s is the registration mechanism on Glee?

Kindly, join the Glee platform through the following link: https://gleerewards.resal.me/

2) Who are Glee’s partners?

Kindly, refer to Glee’s partners through the following link: https://www.resal.me/gift-cards

3) Who are Glee’s Clients?

MiSK corporation, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Bupa Arabia for insurance, MA’ADEN, etc… and many other clients that we cherish partnering with.

4) Do you have an APP.?

The Glee platform helps automate gifting process, and is only available as a browser for the time being.

5) Are there multiple languages in Glee?

You can enjoy Glee’s services in both Arabic and English.

6) How much for your subscription services?

Glee services are designed with high flexibility that allow for diverse gift options in line with your budget, kindly refer to the following link to obtain our pricing lists: https://gleerewards.resal.me/ 

7) How much is the minimum subscription?

There is no threshold and it depends mainly on your Organization’s gifting budget.

8) What distinguishes Glee from the other competitors?

Wholesale order service, provision of more than 250 brands in one place, gifting process allocation by the organization’s logo, recovery of unused balance by recipients.

9) Can I assign more than one user to the account?

Yes, you can assign more than one user to the account.

10) Do recipients need to register to enjoy using Glee?

No, Glee’s errand is only to facilitate the experience of gifting to the recipients, so they can receive gifts without registering on the platform.

11) How secure and confidential is the information and data on Glee?

Maintaining privacy, security, and confidentiality of data and information is one of the Glee platform’s top priorities, when you provide recipients data on our platform we don’t save any data on our database in order to protect your information.

12) What are the gifting process steps?

You can send gifts to recipients in three steps: select recipients, select gifts, allocate inscription, and then execute the gifting order.

13) Is there a cutoff or threshold for gift budget? Or a limit on the number of beneficing recipients?

Through the Glee platform, you can send hundreds of gifts to thousands of recipients without any cutoff or threshold for users

14) Does the value of the gift include VAT?

A Digital Card is a purchase voucher that you can replace with the same value for a brand, and you can pay the VAT during the purchase process through the brand’s purchase voucher.

15) How do I use the Digital Card?

You can press the (how to use) option for each card to figure out how to use the code, whether it’s an online purchase or inside the brand store that was selected.

16) Can the recipient buy more than one gift with the specified balance?

Yes, the recipient can split the credited balance gifted to it and use it in whatever preferred brand.

17) Is the balance of the account recovered if the recipient uses only part of it?

Yes, all the unused amounts recovered back to your digital portfolio on Glee.

18) How are the recipients of the gifts selected at the organization?

By uploading recipients’ names, phone numbers, and e-mails, and setting a budget for each recipient, also you can classify them into groups according to the type of campaigns and rewards you do.

19) Can I select more than one recipient at once?

Yes, Glee is designed to enable you to send gifts to thousands of recipients simultaneously.

20) Can I customize my brand with the gift?

Of course, you can customize templates and e-mails by your brand.

21) How many gifting options do you have?

Glee provides more than 250 carefully selected gifting options in various areas.

22) How long does it take to deliver the gift?

Delivery is prompt and flexible, once the transmission order is executed… Anytime, and anywhere, through SMS, e-mail and links.

23) Can I follow the recipient and acknowledge if they used the credited balance or not?

Yes, of course, Glee provides you with a report to track the delivery of rewards, including the handover, the recipients’ reaction and conduct, and all the details of the process.

24) In case the recipient doesn’t use the credited balance, will it be recovered back to the digital portfolio?

Yes, through the remaining balance recovery feature, you can recover the remaining amount to your account to reduce the waste rate and reuse the amount on other gifting occasions.

25) Can I send gifts at any time?

Yes, you can send gifts at any time, and anywhere easily and conveniently.

26) What is the validity of the balance on the digital portfolio?

One year from the date the balance was charged.

27) How long does the recipient’s gift last?

You can assign a specific time limit to use the gift for all the recipients.

28) How does the recipient receive the gift?

By SMS; or e-mail; or by a gift link.

29) Can I assign certain brands to the recipient?

Yes, you can assign and customize gifts by category, country, occasion, type of recipient, and other allocation options available on the Glee platform.

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